LSD Typography Project

During my senior year of undergraduate study, I decided to explore typography in a new way. While animation is not something I typically work with, I wanted to experience this side of typography. So, I took a song by LSD (Labyrinth, Sia, and Diplo)(This song is not mine) and I explored typography in motion. The ways that a print designer experiences type is very different and I enjoyed exploring a new relationship with typography dynamically while trying to maintain a strong hierarchy within the whole piece.


This project was a really fun one. I have never really gotten to explore video from a performance perspective. This video was born out of a British Literature class that was analyzing Emily Bronte's novel, Wuthering Heights. Since much of my undergraduate honors research was on identity development and formation, I decided to shoot a video that experimented with gender fluidity. For this project, I drew up a list of shots and compiled them into a shot list. I created my ensemble out of only bed sheets and a stapler (I'm super proud of how the dress turned out). I then solicited the help of my friends Dylan Goodyear and Johnathan Goodenow who helped shoot the video and played "Heathcliff" respectively. I performed editing and some color correction on the clips.

Facing yesterday short film

This project was really meaningful to me. Mental health has been an important issue for me over the past few years. So, I decided to write a silent short film entitled Facing Yesterday, (there is music, however) about a man who is in the process of committing suicide. Instead of going through with it, the film starts frozen at that moment in time. This film serves as him reflecting on the past day as he has traveled to his final destination. Dealing with social isolation and loss of personal identity is a huge problem. I created the shot list and worked with our videographer Ethan Chi and our lead editor, James Hudson to ensure that the shots were on point. I worked with a group for this project including Ethan Chi, Garrett Streeter, Jeremy Prom, Joseph Jeralds, and James Hudson.