Create a map in the Source engine

Valve created the Source engine in the late 90’s and has been iterating on it ever since. At the time, it was a revolutionary piece of technology that brought realistic physics and seamless storytelling to the PC gaming market. If you have ever wanted to make a map for your favorite game, look no further! In this tutorial, we will make a very basic map that will run in Half Life 2.


Tinder Trash

Online “dating” is a side effect of the Internet age. It us surrounded with negative connotations and murder. Obviously, this does not represent the majority of dating, but it does make it more casual, in my opinion. I used Tinder this past week just to see what the big deal was and see why people use it at all. First and foremost, I had to set up an account. Tinder pulled pictures from my Facebook Read more…

Fire = Technology

The future is both here and coming soon. We have experienced rapid technological growth in a relatively short amount of time, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Even 100 years ago, people were saying that we were as advanced as a society could get, and yet we still find ways to exceed our own expectations. I thoroughly believe that technologies like the Internet is to us what fire was to early man: revolutionary, an introduction to a new way of life, and a glimpse of what is in the future.


Stop Making Creepy CGI Videos

Veggie Tales was perhaps the most successful Christian-themed video series to date. It was funny, educational, and was created out of good intentions. However, it opened the door to, and refocused the spotlight, on the Christian demographic as consumers. People saw the success of Veggie Tales and thought to themselves “yeah, I could do that, too.”

Ron Howard’s voice: “They couldn’t.”